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One on One Solutions provides Business Management Software solutions for dealers in the Powersports , Marine and Outdoor power equipment industries. Because we specialize in powersports business management software, outdoor power equipment software and automotive sales software we can focus on those industries and offer business software that fits what dealers in those markets need. Our Brainstorm Business Management Software brings together the Parts Department, Service Department, Sales and F&I Departments and Accounting Departments all into one easy to use software package.

Our software interfaces with electronic parts catalogs like PartSmart, Honda iN, HLSM and Parts Manager Pro to make over-the-counter sales and Repair Orders easier to create and with fewer mistakes. We have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) interface to promote customer follow-up and retention to help you stay in touch with customers after their unit sale or service job. Interfaces are available with UPS and FedEx to make shipping more cost effective and our interface with Powersports Network allows you to create Brainstorm Invoices directly from orders placed on your PSN website. And our relationship with X-Charge credit card processing allows dealers on the spot credit card confirmation from within their Brainstorm Invoice.

Our 30+ years of experience in the Powersports, Marine and Outdoor Power industries have given us a perspective most software companies can’t have. We understand what it takes for a dealer to get the job done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the bottom line.

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