Running an Marine Dealership is different from running most businesses in that it is like operating 4 different businesses under one roof.

You are running a parts store, a repair and service shop, a unit sales dealership and an accounting firm! To bring all of these things together, you have to deal with things the average bookstore owner or flower shop vendor never sees.

That is why generic over the counter software doesn’t work well for a Marine Dealership. Industry specific software like Brainstorm gives you the tools you need to get your hands wrapped around what is happening in your store.

Brainstorm takes care of special orders, deposits, unit sales, technician time tracking, F&I and much more. It then, takes all of the information gathered in your Parts, Service and Sales departments, and brings it all together in your Accounting Department. So you have the information you need, to make good business decisions, at your fingertips!

Browse our website to get an overview of how Brainstorm can help you gain better control of your dealership, then give us a call at 303-988-6500 or email us at to schedule an online demonstration and see Brainstorm in action!